Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson promo, via Netflix.

Jake Paul is a content creator who has made a living out of quasi-professional celebrity boxing matches where he predictably defeats a mix of former NBA players, YouTubers, retired MMA fighters, and tomato cans. To Paul’s credit though, he’s made a ton of money doing so and has probably become a bigger draw than 99% of professional boxers on the planet. However, his next challenger may be the most absurd, unbelievable, wildest yet – Mike Tyson.

Yes, Jake Paul is going to fight Mike Tyson. And it will be live on Netflix this summer on July 20th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Yes, this is real.

As a reminder, Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. He’s also one of the most troubled, yet charismatic athletes that has ever lived. However, in 2024 Tyson is currently 57 years old and hasn’t fought a professional fight since 2005 when he suffered defeat to Kevin McBride. It’s been over 20 years since his last victory, which came against Clifford Etienne in 2003. Tyson did fight a COVID era exhibition in 2020 against fellow legend Roy Jones Jr that ended in a draw.

Jake Paul, 27, was born in January 1997. To put that in perspective, Tyson had already amassed a career record of 45-2, won the heavyweight championship, and spent time in jail on a rape conviction before Paul even arrived on planet earth. Tyson was just months away from biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear. Paul recently scored a quick knockout over semi-retired boxer Ryan Bourland.

You could have had 10,000 guesses at what Netflix’s next foray into live sports would be and still not come close to a Jake Paul-Mike Tyson boxing match at Jerry World.

Will this be an actual fight? Will it be a total joke? Will it be a spectacle? Will it sweep the nation as the ultimate Gen X vs Gen Z showdown? Literally anything is possible in terms of the buildup and the outcome. The only thing for certain is it’s going to make everybody involved tens of millions of dollars.