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Many professional wrestling fans — and wrestlers — were disappointed to learn on Wednesday that the Strictly Business Podcast with Eric Bischoff podcast is coming to an end.

The same, however, can’t be said for AEW owner and president Tony Khan, who took to X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate the end of the business-based pro wrestling podcast.

“Sunsetting this fraud of a business podcast before the next AEW media deal is a wise choice,” Khan wrote in a reply to co-host Jon Alba’s announcement that that the show is ending, citing Bischoff’s busy schedule.

While it’s not necessarily surprising that Khan — who has never been one to bite his tongue — would publicly respond in such a manner, it’s even less surprising that he wasn’t a fan of the show. Despite previously making multiple cameo appearances on AEW programming, Bischoff — the former WCW executive and WWE on-screen character — has become openly antagonistic regarding the company and its financial outlook.

In the last week alone, Bischoff’s 83 Weeks YouTube page has published videos titled “TONY KHAN is the ULTIMATE MONEY MARK!,” “THIS is the BIG REASON TONY KHAN is FAILING!” and “DAVE MELTZER is why AEW SUCKS SO BAD!” While these clips weren’t part of the Strictly Business podcast, they give you a sense of Bischoff’s general approach toward covering AEW.

Dancing on Strictly Business‘ grave aside, Khan’s response is notable as it implies that AEW’s next media rights deal is close to being completed. Despite its current deal with Warner Bros. Discovery set to expire at the end of 2024, there has been little buzz — at least publicly — regarding AEW’s next contract, although most seem to believe the promotion will be remaining with WBD.

For how much and for how long? Those are the million (or billion) dollar questions. But Khan’s comment certainly indicates that he believes his company is in line for a massive payday, regardless of what Bischoff has to say about the subject.

[Eric Bischoff on X]

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