Stephen A. Smith rips Warriors Photo Credit: ABC

Stephen A. Smith went on a colorful rant against the Golden State Warriors Sunday, apologizing to fans for ABC’s broadcast of the game, dropping a bizarre challenge to Kendrick Perkins and more.

Making the situation even more surreal, Smith went on his tirade against the Warriors during the NBA on ABC Halftime Show as analyst Bob Myers watched awkwardly. That would be the same Bob Myers who served as Golden State’s GM, winning four NBA titles before stepping down last year.

Smith went ballistic after the Warriors looked terrible in the first half against the Boston Celtics. They trailed Boston 82-38 (they ultimately lost, 140-88).

Smith went off on the Warriors.

“This is an epic butt whooping. This is so bad Kendrick Perkins needs to take off that suit … We want to apologize to the American people for what we just saw in this first half.”

Smith was just getting started. He noted that Myers, who is scheduled to work a Warriors game as an ESPN analyst this week, should just stay home because Golden State should get “a week off to recover.”

“I ain’t never seen anything like this,” Smith said. “This ain’t the end of the game. This is halftime. The Golden State Warriors were nearly down by 50 at halftime!”

At this point, the producer cut to a shot of the full studio crew, and Myers clearly looked uncomfortable. Who can blame him? He celebrated with Steph Curry & Co. through the glory years, and he surely felt their pain as they struggled Sunday.

“It might as well be me out there playing against Boston,” Smith said, referencing his own underwhelming college basketball career.

“That would be worse,” Myers said.

“That’s how bad Golden State ‚Ķ ” Smith said

“That would worse. That would be worse,” Myers reiterated.

Kudos to Myers for standing up for his former comrades, but you also can’t blame Smith for being honest. The Warriors looked more like the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats (7-59) than the dynasty Myers built.

[Clutch Points; Photo Credit: NBA on ABC]

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