WFAN radio host Mike Francesa has a famous “Mongo Nation” legion of fans, so of course he decided to name one of his horses after them. It turns out to have been a pretty good name: his two-year-old filly “Mongo Nation,” ridden by Joe Bravo, finished third in her maiden race, which took place at Saratoga Wednesday.

That’s somewhat against the odds, too, as a bet on Mongo Nation to show would have doubled your money. Of course, this was inspired by a caller back in November:

Francesa’s response there is pretty funny. “Oh, you want to name him Mongo Nation? Is that what I should name him, then? If I have a new one and name him Mongo Nation, he’ll win the Derby? If I could guarantee that, I would do that. Maybe I’ll name a horse Mongo Nation. Should I name a horse Mongo Nation?”

His producer chimes in with “That would be wild,” and Francesa goes “Maybe I’ll do that. Good. I have a new one that I just purchased. Maybe I’ll name him…Mongo Nation. I’ll think about that. Should I name him Mongo Nation? I might have to explain that name to them. You know, sometimes they ask for an explanation of the name. They say, you know, ‘Can you please explain the name, we don’t understand it?’ Because they don’t want it to be anything that is offensive to anybody. They might look for that, ‘Is there something there that we don’t know?’ ‘No.’ Man, I’ll think about that. Mongo Nation…hmm. Maybe. I’m going to give that some serious thought.”

Well, at least he managed to get Mongo Nation in there a number of times, and his eventual decision to name the horse that appears to have paid off. But does Mike care about anyone who’s not numbah one? And is this news of the horse showing a new report or an old report?

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