Mike Francesa really isn’t sure if it’s a new report or an old report.

The bombastic host of Mike’s On: Francesa on the FAN was hosting his show when he discovered a report that Mets pitcher Zach Wheeler suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament and was seriously injured. The problem was, the report Francesa watched wasn’t new. It was from over a year ago. Wheeler might have been injured recently, but the 62-year-old mixed up an old report thinking it was a new one.

He discovered this on air. You’ll either love or hate the next six minutes if you choose to click on this.

Here’s the entire transcription. It’s a doozy. Francesa experiences all the stages of grief.

“This Mets season has taken a turn… uh..  It was just reported that uh…. that Wheeler suffa’d a torn ulnar collateral ligament, so uh.. a very, very bad … We don’t know anything about Cespedes yet, anything about Syndergaard but Wheeler who .. felt .. was shut down when he was about ta start pitching from the mound … uhh…. had pain. Now it’s found that he has suffa’d uh… Gary Apple just reported on SNY has suffa’d an ulnar-collateral ligament tear and so, an enormous set back for Wheeler. So he has suffa’d an lnar collateral uh.. ligament tear. So um.. get Eddy up… let’s see… Make sure Eddy knows and see what’s goin on. They reported it seconds ago on SNY that he has suffa’d an alnar-collateral ligament tear they discovered. So the news on Wheeler VERY BAD. Absolutely very bad on Wheeler. Now, so uh.. we’ll see what’s…”


“So… uh… *worried voice* Monz *inaudible* get Eddy up OK and find out what’s going on. I mean obviously the Mets gave that to SNY, so they must have given to Eddy. I wanna hear the whole report. So Ulnar collateral ligament tear for Wheeler. So.. uh.. again this is a… the Met news continues to be bad. Ya hope it isn’t for Cespedes, Cespedes left the game tod..”


“NO THEY JUST *inaudible* to it a minute ago. They said the news on Wheeler came up yesterday Monz, I was watching it. They broke in da the show. and said the news, he went to the hospital yesterday and came up with an ulnar-collateral ligament tear. That’s what he said on yesterday’s show. Apple was just on there a minute ago. You’re telling me that’s a tape from last year’s show that he was on when he broke into da show!?!? YEAH, but they broke into the show wit that! are they’s saying it was las..  was that yesterday’s or last year’s? was that yesterday’s or last year’s? JUST CALL UP EDDY AND ASK IF THE METS REPORTED THAT. Wait a second? He went to the hospital yesterday?! they just had him break into the show… a minute ago.. and said the news on Wheeler’s not good, is that  new news or last year’s news? Fi.. Just get Eddy up and find out if that’s the news, because he did go to the hospital yesterday with elbow dis.. just.. uh.. Apple just said it. Is that a new report or an old report?”

Is that in last year’s news? is that the injury or is that the .. what we have again ..


“Because I just saw them break into the show, so are you telling me they broke into da show with the highlights show is.. tha… wa… so he goes to the hospital last year and he goes there again yesterday and it’s the same report? or is Wheeler down again and is that last year’s news?”


*mic moves*

“So we’ll find out folks what the story is on that.. is that a report that was… is that a tape from last year on the same report or is that a new report? *deep breath* I just heard him say that on the air. That it was.. the news on Wheeler’s not good. He went to the hospital. Is that yesterday’s report? or is that last year’s report? We’ll get a confirmation on that right now.”


*annoyed tone* “I’m just asking if that’s the case because he just came up on the screen a minute ago. Is that a report from last year or is that a new report. Because he went to the hospital yesterday. And, he said the news from the hospital yesterday is not good, now what would be the odds that is happening.. again.. that that wasn’t a new report? Was that a new report or an old report? That’s what I’m askin.”


“Was that a highlight of last years show or was that a new report about Wheeler from yesterday? It just app…. CALL SNY AND ASK THEM, they just put it up there. Is it a new report or an old report? IS THAT A NEW REPORT?! We don’t know. Call SNY and ask em what was just on their screen? Was that la… was that a highlight of last years report or a new report? That’s last year’s report? So that’s not a new report on Wheeler!? OK, so folks that’s not a new report on Wheeler. OK. So, I just walked into the room and saw him reporting that and wanted to make sure that was a new report or an old report. That is LAST years report. I’m watchin’ him say, “Wheeler went the hospital yesterday” which we know he did and the news isn’t good.. and that’s last year’s report, not this year’s report? OK. So…. a… the way they broke into da show I saw Apple there, and I thought he was reporting it. OK. So that’s not a new report on Wheeler? OK. So, we do not have a report on Wheeler yet. So, that Wheeler report is still waiting to hear. That is last years report on Wheeler that they were showin… let me turn that off because I just watched Wheeler walk into the room here say that and I’m sayin’ what is he sayin? and he said Wheeler is in the hospital yesterday, *inaudible* to the hospital which is exactly what happened and it’s last years.. so that’s exactly one year ago to.. at this time that this happened I gather. But, so that’s last year’s report on Wheeler, not this years? So.. what we have right now is no report yet on Wheeler, so nothing new, that’s not a new report on Wheeler and we have, we’re waiting on Cespedes, who went with the.. uh.. wrist and then the injury… to .. the injury to Syndergaard where he has an elbow discomfort and went to get checked at special surgery. So we don’t have any.. uh.. update on Wheeler yet. That’s not an official report. That was last years report.”

After he cleared up the confusion, Francesa started to take calls. A caller named Mike decided to troll him just to make sure the date of the report.

Francesa: Mike in New Paltz, what’s up Mike?

Caller: Hey, how you doin Mike? How are you?

Francesa: What’s happening?

Caller: Nothing, just wanted to ask you, is that a new report on Wheeler or is that last year’s report?

Francesa:  We already answered that one ok… it’s last years report on Wheeler. I said it ten times so no one got in any way mistook that it was this year’s.”

Well done Mike from New Paltz, well done.

Francesa is so brash that he didn’t want to believe it was an old report. He kept questioning it and it comes across quite hilariously. Next time, he should double check the date of his news before he hits the airwaves, otherwise, we get six and a half minutes of this – which is pretty much ear poison. I never want to hear him say, ‘was that a new report?’ ever again.


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