Last month saw Ben Affleck blast Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension with an incredible 19 f-bombs on Bill Simmons’ Any Given Wednesday, and now Affleck’s Good Will Hunting co-writer and co-star Matt Damon has weighed in too, but in a much less profane manner. That’s probably good, as he wasn’t on HBO, where swearing is fair game. Damon appeared on Audience Sports’ The Rich Eisen Show Tuesday and made his case for why he finds the NFL’s treatment of Brady unfair:

There are plenty of interesting points in there, including Damon comparing this to the NFL’s recent clearing of Peyton Manning and Eisen admitting his own sympathies for Brady, but perhaps the most notable part is where Eisen asks him about Affleck’s reaction (2:55):

“He got a little animated,” Damon said. “Boston fans, we’re a little crazy, and we take this stuff very seriously. And particularly, this thing with Tom has been going on for a long time. It’s just the slipshod way that they were measuring these footballs to begin with. There was absolutely no science involved, they were giving them this cantaloupe test. And when they switched his balls out at halftime of that Colts game, I don’t think people remember that Tommy went out and scored four straight touchdowns with the overinflated balls that they gave him.”

So, Damon is still very much pro-Brady. Perhaps he and Affleck can combine for a documentary, The Truth About Deflategate. But it may have to wait; Damon also told Eisen that there’s been some discussion of a Rounders 2 given the rise in interest in poker. Or maybe we’ll see Jason Bourne team up with Affleck’s Batman to rescue Brady from the evil Commissioner Goodell.

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