Ex-Grantland and ESPN staffer Jonah Keri has found a pair of new homes for his sportswriting and TV appearances in 2016 and (presumably) beyond – Sports Illustrated, and MLB Network as a guest analyst to start the year.

Keri posted details of his new homes on Instagram, which also includes non-sports writing at GQ and Rolling Stone and a yet-to-be-announced new home for The Jonah Keri Podcast.


Keri is arguably one of the best baseball writers in the country, and his departure from ESPN is a huge (though not unexpected) blow. Keri’s work appeared on Grantland over the past few years, and he showed up quite frequently as an analyst on Baseball Tonight.

When you see the number of outlets he’ll be contributing to going forward, it makes one realize what a unique outlet ESPN had with Grantland. Last year, you could find all of Keri’s work, from sportswriting to non-sports writing to podcasts to TV appearances, all under one roof at ESPN. Now, you’ll need to go to multiple outlets, which isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but could lead to a little but of confusion.

Also, note the vagueness about the future of Keri’s podcast. It seems to me like this is hinting at a future spot on the Bill Simmons Podcast Network, which still only consists of Simmons’ podcast and the Andy Greenwald/Chris Ryan Channel 33 podcast. The fit would be pretty ideal, given Keri’s history with Simmons at Grantland.

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