It’s getting to the point where we will need not just a scorecard, but an entire book to keep track of the streaming services that have launched or will be launching in the coming months.

Hulu will be launching a live streaming service which will allow subscribers to watch broadcast and cable networks. And joining the service will be two big guns that could attract viewers, Disney and Fox which means ESPN, ABC and Fox will be live streaming with Hulu.

CBS and NBC are still not on board, but Comcast is a major investor in Hulu so a deal will probably be made for the NBCUniversal networks somewhere down the line before the new service launches. Hulu is promising more deals in the future so expect to hear other networks coming online.

We don’t have an exact date as to when the service will launch except for sometime in 2017. So already, we have PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. DirecTV’s streaming service will launch sometime this year. YouTube is hoping to make deals to get its internet TV service online next year and of course, there’s Hulu.

All this comes as cable continues to see its customers looking to either cut the cord or scale back their subscriptions and over the top hopes to win over viewers. We will see how things shape up in the coming years if cable can find a way to keep subscribers or if the new streaming services become the new way of distributing television.

Right now, the networks are quickly signing up to become part of internet television and consumers are finding plenty of choices to watch TV.

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