A year and a half ago, Twitter was set alight when a pair of users got into a beef on Christmas Day about Kobe Bryant, resulting in one of them driving to Temecula to fight the other one. It was incredible, and years down the line, we might look at it as one of the high points in the history of Twitter.

Immediately after it hit the fan, SBNation interviewed @SnottieDrippen, one of the men involved in the beef. This week, ESPN posted an interview with him about the incident.

Unfortunately, we only heard from one side – ESPN was unable to secure an interview with the man who drove to Temecula, @MYTweetsRealAF.


If only ESPN was able to get that interview…it would’ve taken this to another level. But hey, with Kobe Bryant now retired, we can look back at this incident and realize just how completely ridiculous it was, all starting because of an opinion about a basketball player.


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