On Christmas evening, the Twitter world lost their minds as one of the most bizarre, ridiculous stories unfolded. A user with the handle @MyTweetsRealAF had a disagreement about Kobe Bryant with a user named @SnottieDrippen, and then drove 35 miles to fight him. It’s the ultimate showing of holiday spirit!

This whole sequence was a spectacle. Here’s a brief tweetcap, and just a brief warning – all tweets are uncensored, so if you’re easily offended, you might want to click the back button.

At this time, it’s becoming evident that Mr. Drippen actually appears to know what he’s talking about.

Then, Mr. Real AF showed just how real he really is.




And to prove he was more than just talk, he actually drove to Temecula.




The middle finger is the best, because it looks like he GOT OUT OF HIS CAR to take the picture.

Unfortunately, there was no payoff with a fight – Mr. Drippen was in Arizona.

And of course, Mr. Real AF had to try to keep some of his street cred intact.



Naturally, the incident has spilled over to traditional media.

SBNation’s Seth Rosenthal interviewed Drippen (whose real name is James), learning that this is the FIFTH TIME someone has tried to fight him because of a Twitter argument. That takes some skill.

Bomani Jones, never the stranger to Twitter outrage, chimed in.

SportsGrid captured a video of ESPN’s Amin Elhassan making a Temecula reference the Friday morning SportsCenter while taking about Kobe.


The most insane part about this? It took place on Christmas evening! So many people are spending time with loved ones, doing their thing…and this guy is driving to fight someone because of what he said on Twitter!


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