Well that’s a headline I thought I’d never have to write…

You can only imagine the look on ESPN President John Skipper’s face when one of his support staff informed him that two of his on-air talent were debating the merits and values of sex before marriage on Tuesday.  I think it would be something like this…

Or perhaps he reacted in this way…

That’s exactly what happened as Chris Broussard bowed up to Bomani Jones over his apparent objection to Russell Wilson practicing abstinence with girlfriend Ciara.  Jones is no stranger to Twitter beefs and Broussard has been down this road before mixing his profession of evangelical faith with his work at ESPN.  Except this time, Broussard was on offense instead of defense, claiming a double standard of intolerance towards Wilson’s religious reasons for not engaging in consensual coitus.

Grab the popcorn, here we go…








Your interpretation of who won this Twitter War probably has a lot to do with whether or not you’re a conservative or a liberal, a Biblical literalist or a contexualist, and whatever your position on sex, religion, and politics might be.  (Feel free to hash that out in the dumpster fire that will surely be the comments below.)

BEYOND THAT, it will be very interesting to see what ESPN does about this one.  The last time we saw two Bristolites tangle about religion and politics, Keith Law was suspended after a debate with Curt Schilling over evolution.

Does ESPN go the suspension route yet again here?  (Even though they don’t really accomplish anything.)  Do they do nothing?  Or do they put Bomani and Broussard on First Take to finally settle the premarital sex debate once and for all.  We need some interesting topics to get us through the dog days of summer after all…

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