ESPN has reportedly suspended MLB writer Keith Law from Twitter after a contentious argument about evolution with fellow ESPNer Curt Schilling last week. Deadspin initially reported the suspension earlier on Friday evening, and many that read the details felt that his suspension was ridiculous. Law’s Twitter ban apparently began on Wednesday, and will continue through the weekend before being lifted on Monday.

What happened last week was this – Schilling tweeted out a Youtube video “debunking” (as he claimed) the theory of evolution, and Law responded. Then, the conversation between the two (and others) continue to percolate without ever really turning hostile.

Law is frequently combative (though never truly disrespectful or hostile) with a variety of users on Twitter, and I’m curious as to whether his conversation with Schilling was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. Contentious topic + typical snark + fellow ESPN employee = all of the makings for a situation that led to the pot boiling over.

The suspension appears to simply be only for Twitter and not other forms of online interaction. Law engaged in his weekly chat on Thursday, and also posted his weekly Top Chef recap on his personal blog the same day (while also commenting on that blog post this evening), and made a post on his Facebook fan page Friday night.

A pair of tweets referencing the suspension were also shot out from the Old Hoss Radbourn account, which many believe is run by Law.

Oh, and Schilling? He’s back to prodding a hornet’s nest on Twitter today.

If you’re going to suspend Law for being combative on Twitter, maybe talk to Schilling about showing a little more tact on social media. He’s not Jose Canseco.

We’ve reached out to ESPN for a comment on the situation.

UPDATE: ESPN has issued the following statement to AA on Law’s suspension:

“Keith’s Twitter suspension had absolutely nothing to do with his opinions on the subject.”

UPDATE II: Law penned this very brief statement on his personal blog:

“If you’re looking for a comment, I’m sorry, but I have none to offer. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received.”


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