Finding high quality video of things people are talking about on Twitter is not easy. It’s a pain-point for us and for many sites. Luckily though, the good folks at Clippit have been a huge boost for us as their app allows us to look for clips on a variety of television channels and easily (like your parents could do this) clip whatever you or your readers or followers find interesting.  CLIPPIT AD

Clippit allows us to quickly grab 30 second clips from a handful of live TV broadcasts and share them on social media, which is incredibly friendly when one of us sees something worth talking about during a sporting event but is nowhere near a computer.

We’d say nice things about Clippit (and we have) even if they didn’t sponsor the site this week. Below are some of our favorite Clippit clips that we’ve grabbed from 2015. They include some moments that made us scratch our heads, some absolutely hilarious moments from the year, and some incredible sporting moments as well. Hopefully, we’ll be bringing you more clips from Clippit in 2015.

Bob Knight yells at fans to sit down

This was so bizarre. We have no idea what Knight was doing here, yelling at fans to sit down while in the middle of calling a Temple-SMU game. Maybe he just didn’t care anymore – less than two months later, ESPN didn’t renew Knight’s contract for the 2015-16 season.

Bill Walton and volcanoes

We probably could have featured a top ten list of nothing but Bill Walton clips, but this clip of Walton talking about active volcanoes with Dave Pasch was just amazing.


Remember way back in March when Georgia State knocked off Baylor in the NCAA Tournament? And remember when Georgia State head coach Ron Hunter went flying off a stool when his son RJ hit what would be the game-winning shot? We do. It was awesome.

Bob Ley literally rips up FIFA’s agenda

Bob Ley got frustrated with FIFA during their presidential election. He then proceeded to tear up the printed agenda FIFA claimed to be following live on the air. The internet proceeded to lose its mind.

Carli Lloyd finishes off her hat trick

The USWNT schooled Japan in the Women’s World Cup Final back in July, and Carli Lloyd’s unreal goal from midfield, complete with an epic call from JP Dellacamera, was the cherry on top of the victory.

Reds fans lustily boo Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina is a Cardinal. The All-Star Game was in Cincinnati, home of the Reds. The Reds fans in attendance at Great American Ballpark didn’t hide their allegiance in the pregame introduction, and Molina soaked it up.

My wife left me

One of my personal favorite memes on Twitter is the barrage of “my wife left me” tweets that pop up in response to seemingly every Adam Schefter tweet. So when one came up in response to a SportsCenter tweet and Robert Flores read it on air…well, that put me in a good place.

Scott Van Pelt cracks up Tim Kurkjian

We love the new SVP SportsCenter, and when Van Pelt had Kurkjian on, we knew what was coming. Kurkjian’s reaction to “Placido Polanco” was just about as great as we expected.

Spydercam kick return

This was actually pretty awesome – during a Redskins-Giants Thursday Night Football game in September, CBS broke out Spydercam during a kick return. And that kick return was taken to the house by Rashad Ross of the Redskins, which led to this awesome highlight that we didn’t expect to see at all.

Lee Corso, sharp shooter

Can we not let Lee Corso fire guns, real or pretend, on air anymore? Please? Let’s make this a resolution for 2016.


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