In the past couple of seasons, Fox Sports has made a number of alterations to its lineup of NFL announcers.  Thie most notable change has been Kevin Burkhardt’s rise from Mets sideline reporter to becoming the network’s #2 announcer behind Joe Buck and his fruitful partnership with John Lynch.  Down the line, there’s been substantial turnover with analysts Brian Billick and Tim Ryan exiting and new faces like David Diehl, Donovan McNabb, and Kirk Morrison entering the equation.  And we all know about the lightning rod decision to replace Pam Oliver with Erin Andrews on the sidelines of the top broadcast team.

Heading into the 2015 season, we’re hearing rumblings that there might be more changes on the way.  Multiple sources have told AA that one of the NFL on Fox’s longest standing announcing teams could be broken up.  We’ve heard a new role for Tony Siragusa is on the table, potentially moving away from the longtime partnership with Daryl Johnston and Kenny Albert to link up as a sideline analyst with a new broadcast team.  In this scenario, Johnston and Albert would continue to work as a two man booth with a traditional sideline reporter.  The Kenny, Moose, & Goose trio has been together since 2007.

In additions to Siragusa changing places, we’ve also heard there could be some movement amongst the other broadcast teams, including a rise up the broadcast ladder by one Donovan McNabb.

When reached by Awful Announcing, a Fox Sports spokesman said that nothing had been decided for their NFL broadcasting lineup beyond the top two teams.  Presumably, these would still consist of Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Erin Andrews and Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, and Pam Oliver.

Whatever does happen with the final broadcast lineup for the NFL on Fox for this season, it’s probably safe to assume that we won’t be seeing Mike Goldberg back in the booth again this year.

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