Mike Goldberg’s career as an NFL announcer for Fox Sports was just given a quick and decisive knockout blow.

After an error-filled debut calling Vikings-Lions on Sunday, Goldberg was heavily criticized for his performance.  He made matters much worse by going to Twitter and cursing out a few of his detractors.  While that kind of behavior might make UFC supreme leader Dana White proud, it probably wasn’t met with enthusiasm by Fox or the league.

Originally, Goldberg was scheduled to call his second game for the NFL on Fox this Sunday at the Bills-Vikings game in Buffalo.  Those plans have apparently changed.  Fox is replacing Goldberg with veteran announcer Tim Brando, who they just signed to call college football games for the network.  The Bills PR Twitter account shared the news this morning:

At the moment it’s unclear if Goldberg is being disciplined for his Twitter outburst or if he’s just being pulled off the assignment because his debut went so poorly.  At least Goldberg has a UFC job to go back to.  We’ll try to find out more as the story develops.

Either way, it ends of the most disastrous and shortest tenures in the history of NFL announcing.

UPDATE: Goldberg posted an apology on his Twitter page (without any expletives, so that’s progress). Here’s the Fox statement on the situation…

“Obviously, Mike let his emotions get the best of him during his Twitter responses on Sunday. He was quick to apologize for this unfortunate and regrettable situation and understands he made a mistake. He offered to not broadcast this Sunday’s game to avoid any further distraction and we agreed.”

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