This is not something you see every day.  Over the weekend two of the old guard in New York sports media columnists, Phil Mushnick of the New York Post and Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News, both dedicated space to ridiculing Katie Nolan’s new FS1 vehicle Garbage Time.

Here’s Mushnick’s take, which is relatively benign by his usual standards

Vulgar continues to be the substitute for clever or funny.

Thus it figures that FOX Sports 1 can’t get enough of Katie Nolan, who will now star in the self-indictment, “Garbage Time.” Last we checked, young Nolan’s smug delivery and crude content included a self-satisfied ditty in which she rhymed Jets with Tourette’s.

A FOX Sports news release headlines Nolan as blessed with an “Irreverent Style and Biting Wit,” code for coarse and cheap. And not that Sundays are now content-different than TV Mondays through Saturdays, but “Garbage Time” will be seen/obscene Sundays in prime time.

Then there’s ex-Giant offensive lineman, current car dealer Brad Benson, who narrates childishly unfunny crotch-comedy commercials. Those listening to Franz Liszt rhapsodies on Pandora Radio last week were jumped by a loud, crude Benson ad, the way a maggot would be found at the bottom of a glass of fresh orange juice.

And Raissman

Through the years we’ve seen many foolish decisions, most by us. Yet a recent one by the brainiacs at Fox Sports ranks high on the list.

Next month on FS1, the Foxies will debut a show called “Garbage Time” staring Katie Nolan.

For starters, why would anyone feel compelled to watch anything to do with “Garbage”? And, as even the Foxies must know, “Garbage Time” is the worst part of any game, usually when a team is getting blown out. It always results in viewers changing the channel or turning off their TV.

“Garbage Time”? Maybe this is a show about irrelevance.

Naturally, it’s difficult to imagine Nolan’s current “No Filter” online series or her new FS1 show will be targeted to their age demographic.  That drew this response from Nolan…

Who was backed up by Fox Sports colleague Jimmy Traina…

And surprisingly, ESPN’s Keith Olbermann?  Wait, an ESPN guy sticking up for a Fox Sports 1 person?  That feud with the Daily News must have cut pretty deep.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.28.23 AM

Olbermann coming to Nolan’s defense means he’s the second major ESPN personality to publicly tout her credentials, following Bill Simmons’ endorsement.  A sign of a detente between the two cable sports rivals?  Or, perhaps more realistically, an example of common enemies making strange bedfellows.  Watch this space when Nolan’s show debuts next month because there’s sure to be more fireworks.