Bill Simmons dropped a little news on Twitter today.  His podcast will be coming back on October 1st.  However, it won’t be called The B.S. Report as that branding will have to stay at ESPN.  (Maybe ESPN will re-launch The B.S. Report as a joint podcast with Bayless and Smith in the ultimate troll move.)  Simmons says his pod will have a new name and sponsors, but did not say anything on where the podcast would be found.

Of course, Simmons has his huge TV deal with HBO, but we’re still waiting to see if he might execute another online venture that would house all of his writing (and that of his merry band of supporters) and podcasts and the like.  With Simmons’ millions of social media followers, distribution won’t be a problem, it’ll just be interesting to see whose umbrella it ultimately falls under – whether it’s with HBO or it’s just his own personal thing.

As far as Simmons’ big comeback guest goes…. it’s gotta be Roger Goodell, right?

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