Bruce Drennan is a longtime sports talk radio and television host in Cleveland.  He’s kind of like Cleveland’s Mike Francesa, just without the awards and national notoriety and with a five month prison term in 2006 for tax fraud.  Drennan failed to report gambling winnings from betting on baseball games, so naturally his SportsTime Ohio show is titled “All Bets are Off with Bruce Drennan.”  That deserves a medal.

Recently, a Cleveland Mongo prank called Drennan to ask if the Indians would have a chance at getting Derek Jeter.  The host’s reaction was priceless…

Cleveland Mongos Calling Bruce Drennan should have just as much viral long-term potential as New York Mongos doing the same to Mike Francesa.  When you add in the host’s volatility and the fact this is Cleveland sports we’re talking about, this deserves to be a meme that turns to gold.  Don’t let me down, Northeast Ohio.

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