Bob Costas is a broadcasting legend.  He seems to have somehow defied the aging process.  He’s one of the most respected personalities in the entire sports and news industry.

But when nature calls, even Bob Costas has to answer.

While broadcasting Yankees-Mariners on MLB Network Tuesday night alongside John Smoltz, Bob Costas had to use the restroom in the bottom of the 7th inning.  Costas asked Smoltz on air how his play by play skills were, jettisoned the broadcast booth suddenly, and then came back to inform viewers he had to pee.  Costas apparently tried to go between innings, but the line outside the press box loo was too long.

If this doesn’t classify as #FirstWorldProblems, then I don’t know what does…

I have no doubt that tape will be used when Costas wins another industry award this year because who could ever handle a pee break with more elegance and sophistication than Bob Costas?

At least we now know how Bob Costas got pink eye in Sochi.  He had to take a pee break and rushed back to the studio without washing his hands.  That explains it all.


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