USA Network, CNBC and MSNBC will host 124 hours of coverage from the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. As in the past, the family of channels will give viewers the option to take in additional coverage outside of what will be airing on NBC and NBCSN. 

Here's how the coverage breaks down:

USA Network: 43 hours of live programming. Live hockey and curling. Three Team Canada men's hockey games will be shown. 

MSNBC: 45 hours of live programming. Hockey and curling coverage.

CNBC: 36 hours of curling coverage, which will make it the network of choice for all the curling fans out there.

There you have it. If NBC and NBCSN aren't enough to scratch your Winter Olympics itch, you can check out USA, MSNBC, CNBC or streaming coverage over at NBCOlympics.com. 

We firmly believe that when it comes to the Olympics more coverage equals a more enjoyable games. Sometimes the big "traditional" sports shown during prime time become a bit tiresome. What if I want to check out more curling? What if I want to watch a sport I may not be too familiar with? In the ancient past you were stuck with whatever the network believed would draw the most eyes. Now you can watch as much Olympic curling as your heart desires. 

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