For the third time this season, the Cleveland Indians beat the Chicago White Sox in walk off fashion.  For the second time this season, it was a Jason Giambi home run.  This gives us the opportunity for one of our favorite recurring posts – Tom Hamilton vs Hawk Harrelson walk off calls!

Nobody does an excited winning home run call quite like Indians radio play by play man Tom Hamilton, one of the best in the business.  And God love him, nobody quite does a depressing walk off loss like White Sox TV play by play man Hawk Harrelson.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first.  For this blast Hawk registered an impressive 63 seconds on the Hawk Silence-O-Meter, which is an impressive amount of dejection considering how the White Sox have repeatedly crushed Hawk's soul this year…

How much more can the White Sox do to this poor man this season?  Are they trying to get Hawk Harrelson to retire because the pain is too much to bear?  That's like their 74th walk off loss this season.  They might as well be ripping his heart out of his chest and handing it to him in a white paper sack.  (Hey I have to work on my Dumb and Dumber references with the sequel on its way.)

And now for the good news!  Here's Tom Hamilton's interpretation of the same home run, with an H/T to former Buckeye DB and current Cleveland radio host Dustin Fox.  Let's just say it's a bit more descriptive…

Even for Tom Hamilton that's a jubilant call.  You gotta love the Mardi Gras reference.  The 5-4 Tribe victory puts their lead at 1.5 games for the second Wild Card berth as they continue their remarkable season.  Hopefully if the Indians get some home playoff games they'll finally get some fans to fill Progressive Field.  And hopefully if the Indians win some playoff games we'll get a couple postseason walk off calls from Hamilton.  It's just too bad the White Sox won't be there to complete the experience.

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