Tim McCarver's grand exit from Fox in October could simply be an exit from the national spotlight. Dan Caesar of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that there have been discussions involving the Cardinals to bring McCarver in on a limited basis.

The 72-year old McCarver reiterated to Caesar that he wasn't retired and might be open to another job.

“As I (said) this past summer I was not retiring — I never used that word,’’ he said. “And yet it was used all over the country’’ when his Fox run ended. “I can‘t quit cold turkey, (at least) I hope I can’t quit cold turkey. So we’ll see. I just don’t want to crawl in a hole some place for the rest of my life. That’s unrealistic.’’

Caesar then explores a possible return for McCarver, pointing out that 74-year old Cardinals radio broadcaster Mike Shannon's contract expired following the World Series, and while Shannon is expected to return, it may be in a reduced role after he cut his schedule back in 2013. Calling select games or series for the Cardinals might be the best option for McCarver, because it would allow him to return to a city in which he played for years and would also give him a less constricted schedule to enjoy other parts of his life.

Using a combination of Shannon and McCarver on radio broadcasts would be a very interesting way for the Cardinals to go forward with their broadcasts in 2014, reminiscent of a baseball team using a platoon at a position. Who knows if it would actually work out well for them, but it's starting to look like McCarver's broadcasting career isn't done just quite yet.

[STL Today]

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