Bad news guys. After tomorrow's 30 for 30, we're unlikely to see any new installments for 5 months plus.  With that in mind, we thought we'd try to soften the blow by giving away 2 free 30 for 30 Blu Ray sets which includes the first 30 documentaries as well as over 5 hours of bonus features. I haven't watched the bonus footage but ideally I would love to see:

– Ricky Williams and his poker buddies smoking weed narrated by Norman Chad

– Hidden camera footage of Donald Trump's hair and makeup preparations

– Footage of Luther Campbell and Miami football players celebrating the student athlete lifestyle

So what do you have to do to be entered to win? Simple.

– We'll be giving away one copy to a lucky individual (random drawing….might involve ping pong balls) who signs up for our newsletter (preview below) between now and Thursday morning. 

– We'll also be giving away one copy to a lucky individual (random drawing….might involve ping pong balls) who likes our page on Facebook.

If you take the plunge on both fronts, you'll be entered to win twice and more importantly we'll like you a lot more. As you can see below, the AA newsletter is an assortment of stories you might have missed from us, the rest of the web, as well as some great media related tweets from the past couple of days. A great way to stay up on the sports media space.

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