Vancouver's Green Men are some of the most famous hockey fans in the world.  Their entertaining antics the past few seasons have drawn attention on both sides of the border as the Canucks have made multiple deep runs in the postseason.  But two men are not fans of the Vancouver Green Men and their playful banter – Sharks announcers Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn.

During last night's Sharks-Canucks playoff game, the visiting announcers had a super cool, super original way to make fun of them… by basically throwing every insult blockheaded people throw at bloggers.  Via Puck Daddy

Let's run down the list of putdowns from the Sharks booth that are about as clever as what you see between the swingsets on a grade school playground…

1) They are 40 year old virgins.
2) They live in their mothers' basements.
3) They are big gamers.
4) They collect potholders.
5) They have a big snow and/or rain globe collection.

I have to admit, the snow globe thing is a new one.

Ok, whatever, big deal.  It's a playoff series and if the Sharks announcers want to fling some mud at Vancouver fans I get that.  Here's the problem though…

NBC Sports Network syndicated the CSN Bay Area game to a nationwide audience.  So everyone around the country got to hear Remenda and Hahn toss out mom's basement and potholder jokes.  Is that the look NBC Sports Network wants to portray?  Do you hear anyone on an ESPN game telecast go there?  Does NBCSN want their broadcasts to be decisively pro-Sharks in such an unflattering way?

This is the major issue with cable nets syndicating local feeds, especially for playoff games.  Any playoff game shown on national television deserves a professional, neutral, national telecast.  NBA TV learned this lesson last year and finally switched from local feeds to their own in-house telecast after some calls that were just plain out of touch wiht a national audience.  Surely a company as large as NBC Universal can dig up five or six broadcast crews that can cover these games for their national sports network instead of outsourcing to regional affiliates.

H/T Puck Daddy via Puck Drunk Love