On Friday, CBS reported that "60 Minutes" had obtained proof that Alex Rodriguez (or a member of his inner circle) allegedly leaked documents implicating Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli in the current MLB doping scandal. This allegedly happened in February. If I am correct on the timeline, A-Rod was implicated in Januray, vehemently denied it, and then leaked names of other players? To deflect attention away from himself, I presume?

Via CBS:

Rodriguez's case is set to be heard by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz in the coming weeks. If MLB were to present evidence that Rodriguez's camp knowingly leaked additional Bosch business records, it might demonstrate that Rodriguez's camp had not only obtained them to keep them out of the hands of investigators, but that he actively sought to interfere with baseball's investigation by releasing other players' names.
Baseball's collective bargaining agreement requires that any allegations of PED use are to first be dealt with privately before either the Commissioner's office or the Players Association makes any names public. The premature release of a player's name is a direct violation of the collective bargaining agreement.

Right, because MLB has never leaked anything before…how do we think everyone else reporting on PEDs obtained their documents? Carrier pigeon? And Rodriguez's denials are nothing new – of course he says he's innocent:

In a statement to "60 Minutes," Rodriguez lawyer David Cornwell said, "The allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex — this time by driving a wedge between Alex and other players in the game. While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continues."

At this point, it doesn't matter who leaked what to whom – the bigger issue is that everyone is lying and pointing fingers. 

Something else that is interesting to note, via CBS:

As CBS News correspondent Don Dahler reported, sources close to the matter told "60 Minutes" the purpose of the leak was to show Rodriguez was not the only star using drugs.

But we knew that before. We've known that since 1998. So what real purpose do all these leaks serve? It's just making the scandal more convulted and creating more problems. At this point, why not just give everyone a do-over? Yes, I just used the term do-over: seemed appropriate for what we're dealing with.


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