One of our favorites here at AA is on the move.  Deadspin's media writer and bane of Bristol John Koblin is leaving the website for the New York Times.  The news was first reported by Romenesko, who obtained internal e-mails from both Deadspin and the Times regarding the move.  Koblin will be leaving the sports media beat to become the new Style reporter for the grey lady, which makes sense because there's not too much difference in the people who run the fashion world and the people who run ESPN.

We're sad to see Koblin leave our corner of the universe as his writing and reporting at Deadspin on the sports media has been a great addition to the industry.  From his stories on ESPN's obsession with Tim Tebow to breaking news about the layoffs in Bristol and in-depth features, Koblin's writing was some of the most interesting you'll see on sports media and ESPN.

It'll be intriguing to see where Deadspin turns now for their media coverage.  The Deadspin vs ESPN war hasn't quite reached the heights of the Horndog Dossier days in recent years, but the site is still a major thorn in the side of Bristol.  Koblin brought an added sense of maturity and consistency to Deadspin's scrutiny of the self-proclaimed leader and coverage of the sports media as a whole.  Hopefully that will continue even though Koblin is moving on.

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