The golf world is still trying to come to grips with the idea of Fox televising the US Open and other USGA tournaments beginning in 2015.  While that may mean glowing balls, robots, gophers, and windmills nobody is quite sure what to expect.  We may see Joe Buck in the 18th tower, or Fox may look to their corporate umbrella and bring in some golf personalities from Sky Sports in the UK, or Fox may hire a completely new team to call their new lineup of golf tournaments.

One name already being linked with Fox is a huge name who would bring instant credibility to their coverage – Greg Norman.

The always outspoken Aussie told Golf Digest that Fox has already offered him the position, and he'll be having talks with countryman David Hill about becoming Fox's lead golf analyst.

"David Hill has reached out to me, we have spoken and yes, they have offered me the job," Norman confirmed in an email sent from his home in Florida. "I am flattered to have been asked and I look forward to having discussions with my good friend (Hill) in the very near future."

This would be a tremendous move for Fox.  First and foremost, Greg Norman was one of my favorite athletes growing up, so yes I will be completely in the tank for him.  (And yes, this often made for sad days as a sports fan.  At least it allows me to empathize with Cleveland sports fans somewhat.)  Second of all, Norman is incredibly honest and outspoken.  He's been critical of everything from Tiger Woods to golf's drug testing to the PGA Tour itself.  Almost 20 years ago, Norman suggested a World Golf Tour that would be 10 events with the best golfers from around the globe with Rupert Murdoch and News Corp as a partner.  Perhaps it's fitting that this would bring the Shark full circle.

Throughout his career, Greg Norman has popped into the broadcast booth from time to time and he's been very good.  If he can keep that critical edge that makes Johnny Miller a much needed voice in the game and the personality that saw him become one of the most popular golfers of his time, he could become the face of Fox's golf coverage.

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