A recent survey by the Big Ten Network revealed some interesting factoids about college football fans and how fans watch college football. With the season starting in less than a week, it's an intriguing look at some of the weird things this football crazed nation of ours does.

Almost nine in ten (86%) Americans are likely to be doing more than just watching college football game, with snacking (63%) and napping (34%) at the top of this list. Screaming at the TV comes in a close third (31%).

I'm almost always eating or drinking (heavily) while watching a college football game. I have no idea how someone can nap while watching a game. If you're sleeping, you're not really watching the game, now are you? As for screaming, that's nothing. I scream at the TV when I'm watching Breaking Bad.

If they cant be at the game, 62 percent of Americans prefer to watch a college football game at home. 30% of Americans between the ages of 25-34 who do go out, prefer to go to a friend's house to watch a game.  

That makes sense. Going out in public to watch a pivotal game can result in some embarrassing situations. During the Ravens-Broncos playoff game last year, I made that mistake, and half of the bar's staff rushed out to see if someone had a heart attack when I reacted to Jacoby Jones' game-tying touchdown.

Americans are superstitious about their football, but as they get older, they become less superstitious about games:

o    31% of Americans ages 18-24 consider themselves extremely superstitious
o    29% of Americans ages 25-34 consider themselves extremely superstitious
o    28% of Americans ages 35-44 consider themselves extremely superstitious
o    18% of Americans ages 45-54 consider themselves extremely superstitious

I'm not a superstitious guy, unless you consider wearing a jersey every Saturday and Sunday superstitious. I'm curious if the percentage declines as the age group goes up because you're so beaten down by your team that you just don't care about getting too deeply involved anymore or you figure out that those superstitions just don't work.

Superstitions abound and take many forms during this time of year – more than a third (35%) think they might be superstitious about at least one thing as college football season begins. What they wear whether clothes or shoes tops the list (53%) and whether they watch the game at all (40%) is another key factor for the superstitious.

How is "not watching the game" a superstition? How could you even enjoy your team's games if you're not watching them? Or is actually watching the game considered the superstition? I'm not sure. People are weird.

Anyway, we're just one week from the first weekend of college football season! Is everyone going to scramble to find CBS Sports Network on their programming guide on Thursday night to watch USC and Hawaii? Are people going to watch the three games on Fox Sports 1, highlighted by Boise State and Washington facing off for the second straight game after closing out the 2012 season against one another? We shall see, and we'll be here covering it all with the glorious return of the Pammies.

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