Check out this video from last night’s Thunder-Kings game. Russell Westbrook, recently extended after being maligned during last year’s playoffs for taking too many shots, gets a nice lane up the middle and absolutely destroys a dunk. Look closely at the video, and you’ll see that Westbrook left his feet on the inner part of the circle. That’s pretty wild.

The reaction from TNT announcers Kevin Harlan (featured on the latest AA podcast), Reggie Miller, and Chris Webber is an absolute classic. The three acted like a trio of friends sitting in the living room watching a game when Westbrook slammed it home, and that kind of reaction is awesome when a moment like that happens.

About Webber’s commentary last night as a whole, we approve, and think that he helped make Miller a lot more tolerable throughout the broadcast. He’s almost a polar opposite of Shaq, who doesn’t seem to add much insight and isn’t very well-spoken, but is a big name and makes people laugh. Webber is by far the most underrated of TNT’s stable of NBA announcers.  What’s everyone’s take on C-Web in the booth?

[h/t: SBNation]

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