After Sunday’s Thunder-Mavericks game, Jonathan Tjarks of asked Russell Westbrook if he thought teammate James Harden was a max player, referring to his contract status. Westbrook gave a succinct answer about how great of a player Harden is, and shut Tjarks down with a terse “no more questions for you bro” followed by an eye roll and a smirk.

Kudos to you, Russell. Asking about a player’s contract situation after a playoff series win isn’t really good form, especially when you’re asking a teammate as opposed to a member of the front office. There’s no real way for Westbrook to say “no, he’s not” without possibly pissing Harden off, so why would he even answer the question with a negative response?

Imagine if reporters were asking Matt Holliday last October after the NLDS if he thought Albert Pujols was worth $250 million. It’s ridiculous.

It’s also worth noting that today on was a poll on the main page… asking whether or not you think Harden is worthy of a max contract. Of course.

[h/t: Los That Sports Blog]

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