The first football jersey I ever had was a full Bobby Hebert football uniform that I proudly wore to celebrate my 4th Halloween.  Before Drew Brees and Aaron Brooks and after Archie Manning, there was the Cajun Cannon.  Those Saints teams were known for the dominating Dome Patrol defense, but Hebert did make one Pro Bowl in 1993 and had offensive weapons like Eric Martin, Dalton Hilliard, and Quinn Early.  Sadly though, Hebert’s Saints were also known for making the playoffs four times without a win.  Those were the days, indeed.

Since his playing days have ended, Bobby Hebert has hosted a radio show in New Orleans and came to fame earlier this year for this long, maybe-not-so-professional dressing down of LSU head coach Les Miles during a postgame presser after the Tigers (and Hebert’s benched son T-Bob) got smashed by Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game.  So maybe it’s not a surprise to see Hebert go back to the fringes of reality when talking about the Saints BountyGate scandal.

Hebert claims the national media is jealous of the Saints because of their home victories over the Giants and Patriots.  He goes on to say it’s a conspiracy theory to bring down the Saints to prevent them playing a Super Bowl at home.  And then he calls out Fran Tarkenton for his WSJ column (even though he respects him) as “the only guy Fran I know that’s successful.”

I’m all for a good conpsiracy theory… but I’m not sure we can play that card in this case.  There’s the small element of those 50,000 pages of evidence to get around.  I’ll always be a Bobby Hebert guy, but yea, he’s officially taking up real estate in Crazy Town.

(via Deadspin)

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