The Bobby Valentine Era ended in Boston after one glorious dumpster fire of a season, where the Red Sox lost 95 games, their most since 1965.  Bobby V was fired by the team after the season faster than you can say Yastrzemski.  It's sad to see Bobby V leave the Red Sox after a season that was low on wins, but high on schadenfreude.  Valentine went down with the grace and aplomb you would expect, throwing his coaching staff under the bus before he left town.

Although ESPN was quick to say they're happy with their baseball analysts for now, Bob Nightengale of USA Today has already reported that Bobby V will rejoin ESPN.  If so, Bobby V may want to have a chat over lunch in the ESPN cafeteria with former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.  Schilling destroyed Bobby V as "gutless" for "ruining the careers of his coaches" in a fiery rant.  Because if there's anyone that knows about leading a group of people through hard times and not blaming others… it's Curt Schilling. 

Maybe Schilling is just upset over having to sell his bloody sock to help pay off loans from the 38 Studios disaster.