During Wimbledon this morning, announcers Chris Fowler and John McEnroe discussed the rise of parody Twitter accounts in the video above from Guyism. At first, McEnroe seemed disgusted, snapping “shouldn’t they be arrested?” at Fowler. Fowler then explained things a little more to McEnroe over a few points, who seemed to completely miss the point of the parody accounts. 

But then, Fowler broke through McEnroe’s suit of armor and got a chuckle by reading a tweet from a parody Roger Federer account, and it seemed like something clicked in McEnroe’s head about how the parody accounts weren’t trying to commit identity fraud, but instead, act as a caricature of the person they were parodying. 

It’s good to see Fowler being a mainstream media personality to embrace the parody account trend and not take it so seriously. Looking at his Twitter page, he’s actually following a few parody accounts himself. Good on you, Chris!

[h/t: Guyism]

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