Wendi Nix subbed in for Karl Ravech on Baseball Tonight last night and the results were decidedly less than pretty.  I don’t know if it was the live show that put her off her game, or being on the road, or perhaps the sun getting in her eyes… but there were enough botches in the pre Sunday Night Baseball show to make Pam Ward envious.  Usually Wendi is decent in the studio, but her live highlight ability makes Brian Collins look like Dan Patrick.  Thankfully, SportsGrid has provided a mashup of the best of the worst of Wendi Nix last night in San Francisco.  Below are some of my favorite quotes…

“and a brand new mannerger!”

“Lot of week for the Nationals…”

“As we shift gears to the American League East (shows Pirates fans)”

“There are no great teams in baseball, there’s some good teams, there’s some great teams… either of these teams, are they great?”

“Happy Birthday Derek Jeter (in between clips of Troy Tulowitzki and Asdrubal Cabrera)”

“Asdrubal Cabrera, who has literally been a human web gem… I guess they’re all human web gems.”

Wendi Nix Filled In On Baseball Tonight Last Night, And It Did Not Go Swimmingly  – SportsGrid

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