The best way to describe the next matchup would be old versus new, although anyone under the age of 60 might be considered “new” when going up against veteran play-by-play man Dick Stockton. While Stockton was once one of the greats, his game has significantly slipped over the past decade.  Meanwhile, his opponent Michael Irvin, has already had more stops as a tv personality than Keith Olbermann.  But, does he have enough awfulness on his resume to match Dick Stockton?  Remember, polls are open for a day on each of the first round matchups and you can come back every day through Tuesday to vote on new first round matchups as we cut the Joe Morgan Memorial field from 32 to 16!



Dick Stockton

Fact File: NFL and MLB play by play man for Fox, NBA on TNT play by play, MLB on TBS play by play

Why He’s Here: Dick Stockton was once one of America’s great announcers, sometime during the Reagan administration.  He’s had a great career, but the games have passed Stockton by.  There are just too many botches and too many times where Dick seems lost.  His slow moves down the ladder at Fox and TNT show his current career trajectory.


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Michael Irvin

Fact File: NFL Network studio analyst

Why He’s Here: The former Cowboys receiver is the poster child for the staged guffawing that has infested NFL studio shows.  Irvin has never lasted in one place too long, jumping from Fox Sports Net to ESPN and now to NFL Network.  Irvin can be sincere, honest, and moving when he wants to be (see his Hall of Fame speech), but it’s rarely ever seen in his television work.


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Michael Irvin d. Dick Stockton 71.61% – 28.39%

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