Like a kid calling out a player’s name upon learning it or seeing him in public, Florida Marlins analyst Tommy Hutton screamed “Scott Cousins! That’s Scott Cousins!” as Cousins’ first career home run — a grand slam — was headed toward the many empty seats in right field. If you didn’t know who Scott Cousins was before, you probably won’t forget the name now … for at least a few days. The call is a slight alteration of Hutton’s “His name is … Dan Uggla!” call, whenever the oft-mispronounced Uggla would homer with the Marlins.

Cousins is playing in lieu of Logan Morrison, who was placed on the DL with a strained muscle in his foot. Remember, Cousins reaped the benefits of a line drive off of Morrison’s face while he was in the on-deck circle last year; Cousins pinch-hit for the hurt Morrison and subsequently picked up his first career hit.  That’s so Scott Cousins.

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