With July usually comes all of those awful, gimmicky tournaments or segments to get us through the summer months before football gets here.  We’ve had to suffer through Who’s Now, Mount Rushmore, and other excruciating, contrived specials to peak our interest in what is normally a downtime for sports fans.  

Now it’s AA’s turn to get in on the act.

Except, we’re going to do it bigger and better than it’s ever been done before because we’re going to combine the ideas together.  A tournament that takes the most awful television sports personalities together – we’re talking play by play, analysts, studio hosts, studio analysts, radio hosts with TV shows, and many in between – and crowns a winner to take Joe Morgan’s place on our Mount Rushmore of Awful Announcing.  With Joe Morgan out of the limelight and successfully vanquished by the sports blogs (let’s face it Joe, nobody is listening to that hour long radio show), it’s due time for a new face to fill the AA banner next to Pam Ward, Dick Vitale, and Tim McCarver.  Hence, the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament.   

Who will it be though… that’s for you to decide over the course of the next month!  We have a list put together, but we want to consider nominations from you as well for who should be involved in this “illustrious” field.  So as to not influence votes, we’ll have a random, unseeded draw each round (think the FA Cup of Awful Announcing, maybe we’ll even have the draw televised) with a new matchup every day (two matchups a day in the first round).  Voting will take place until the next day when a new poll goes up and results will be announced.  

The tourney will get underway July 5th.  Leave a nomination in the comments below and prepare yourselves for a summer full of awfulness.  Around here, that’s hopefully a good thing.  

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