Someone who is quickly becoming an internet superstar is AC Milan soccer announcer Tiziano Crudeli. Known for his passionate play by play (which we saw earlier this month), another video has surfaced much to our amusement.

Out of the 5-minute video clip, I could gather at first Crudeli is pissed off because Milan falls behind Lecce 3-0 in the first half. Then he gets excited, followed by what almost looks like tears, as AC Milan comes back to tie and then win the game 4-3.

The words I could understand [in order] are also quite fitting: Stupid, Bologna, Grande’, and then Squash. He then repeatedly screams “BOA BOA BOA TENG TENG TENG” which I assume is crazy old guy talk for “my team just came back from a huge deficit to crush your sorry excuse for a team.”

Usually I’m all for someone getting angry at their favorite team throwing away a win early on in a matchup, but for an announcer to get up, scream and wave his finger into the camera as if his son just shot up a bank miiiiiiight be considered a tad over the top.

As annoying it may be for any non-Milan fan to have to listen to Crudeli call plays in any game, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I would happily support any MLB or NFL team hiring this guy STAT.

And here’s the video evidence of Milan’s 4-3 win over Lecce from last month.

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