Of all the things that could happen on Radio Row during Super Bowl Week, this was not one that I could imagine. It turns out that two feuding stations/broadcasters, one from Baltimore and one from Dallas, decided to throw down this afternoon. From Dallas Sports Fans via Deadspin….

This morning on Radio Row at Super Bowl 43 in Tampa, “Nasty Nestor” Aparicio, a controversial Baltimore radio host attacked Gordon Keith. The incident is the latest in an on-going feud between Nasty Nestor and the Ticket.

Apparently, Gordon Keith went over to Nasty Nestor Arapicio with a wireless microphone to attempt to bury the hatchet between the two parties, when Nasty Nestor became angry, grabbed Gordon Keith around the throat and attempted to strangle him. The two were then separated and the police were called.

This is not the first incident between Nasty Nestor and the Ticket. In 2008, at the Super Bowl coverage, Corby Davidson went to Nasty Nestor to make peace. Nestor Arapicio began swearing at Corby Davidson and accused him of having a hidden mic, to which Corby responded, “I swear to the good Lord I do not have a microphone.” Nasty Nestor then called Corby a “(Explitive)-ing Jew.”

Well then! If there’s anything lamer than a media feud, it’s gotta be a Sports Radio feud. After the banquet lunch, and my interview with Frank Caliendo, let’s settle this at the Playground free Pepsi Machines outside the conference center!

If anyone has audio of the exchange, I’d love to hear it.

Nasty Nestor Arapicio Attacks Gordon Keith (Dallas Sports Fans)

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