Hilarious moment following the Marquette-Notre Dame game last night, and amazingly it involved Digger Phelps again. While it’s not his fault, maybe it’s just time that they stop talking about Notre Dame when he’s around. Watch closely during this discussion of the game for a very interesting stat that decides to show up seemingly out of the blue….


Hilarious. Those trades went down in what, July of last year? I don’t know how someone could have possibly pulled such an old graphic, but I’d love to see more of this. Just try and throw random people off at times. During a Stephen A. Smith interview, you could put up the old reel of Nancy Kerrigan crying after being hit with the lead pipe. How about airing the tale of the tape for Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas, when NFL Live is discussing Bill Belichick?

The possibilities are really endless, and hilarious!

(Thanks to HK for the clip)