This is alleged, but according to Sports by Brooks, our awkward interview duo of Billy Gillispie and ESPN’s Jeannine Edwards have a bit of a history. Apparently Gillispie once (allegedly) made advances to Edwards and was shot down. Via SbB….

Edwards’ queries in both instances didn’t seem all that ill-informed to me at the time, so it was a little curious to see Gillispie snap back at her in that fashion, especially on national television.

That is, until I heard more about Gillispie’s private dealings with Edwards.

A source recently told me that Gillispie made a past, amorous advance at Edwards which was subsequently denied by the ESPN reporter. I have no more details than that. But again, I have confirmed that Gillispie did make clear to Edwards that he was interested in spending some quality time with her away from the court. And she shut him down.

Seems weird that if there was an issue that ESPN would keep sending her to call Kentucky games, but if you go back and watch the videos, that could very well be true. Oh and guess who’s working the sideline for tomorrow’s Kentucky-Vandy game? You guessed it (I’ll have the announcing schedule up tomorrow).

ESPNer Turned Down Gillispie’s Amorous Advance (Sports by Brooks)