Last year it seemed like the “very funny” TBS crews were hastily put together without much thinking and a lot of local guys (Don Orisillo) were grabbed up at the last minute. TBS tried to nip that in the bud this year by hiring some people in the middle of the season, and even though they still picked up some locals, I think they have a good collection of leads and analysts for this year’s playoffs.

The biggest addition though could be the very personable, Curtis Granderson of the Detroit Tigers. Granderson should add some energy to a studio show that was somewhat boring last year. The teams haven’t been decided yet but here are your players….

Studio: Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken, Dennis Eckersley and current Detroit Tigers centerfielder Curtis Granderson
Play-By-Play: Chip Caray, Dick Stockton, Don Orsillo and Milwaukee Brewers announcer Brian Anderson
Analysts: Ron Darling, Buck Martinez, Tony Gwynn, Joe Simpson, John Smoltz, and Harold Reynolds
Reporters: Tom Verducci, along with field reporters Craig Sager, Marc Fein and David Aldridge.

Caray, Darling and Martinez are on the call of the ALCS, but if I’m guessing on the rest of the teams, here’s what I’ve come up with. They’ll probably have Orsillo and Simpson back together, and then go with Stockton, Reynolds and Smoltz and then have Anderson and Gwynn round out the crews. Gwynn could very well end up with Stockton though as well.

Obviously it’s early on, but I already like what I’m seeing here on paper. The Playoffs are right around the corner people, I hope you’re ready.

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