You can’t really make fun of a network for taking on a set of Public Service Announcements about men’s health issues, but you can certainly make fun of the way they do it. According to the NY Times, ESPN with the help of their ad agency is creating a set of PSAs to run on their networks for free over the next month or so, and AA has your first look. Enjoy the likes of Mike & Mike, Stu Scott, and Jim Rome talking to you about your health!

I don’t know how I feel about a picture of a colon over Stuart Scott’s shoulder, but it was entertaining none the less. In all seriousness the commercials themselves might a little ridiculous, but good for ESPN to tap into their target audience with an important message. And they’re doing it for free, so that says something as well.

ESPN Campaign Urges Men to Seek Preventive Health Care (NY Times)

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