Kate Mara is the scion of football royalty, the daughter of Giants VP Chris Mara and Kathleen Rooney. That’s my excuse for the picture. Not like you would really care about it.

Anyway, late games:

  • Minny’s up 35-14 on the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale thanks to 160+ yards rushing by Adrian Peterson and 4 TD passes from Tarvaris Jackson (who takes Unlikely Fantasy Performer of the Day honors). 10+ minutes left in the 4th.
  • Matt Cassel also has 4 TD passes against the Raiders, but this is less impressive because it’s the Raiders. Randy Moss was on the end of two of those passes, and the main highlight was back-to-back kickoff returns exchanged by the squads. 42-20, New England.
  • Carolina up 30-10 thanks to a TD each from DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, plus a hook-up between Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith. Jay Cutler has to carry the Denver offense and it isn’t happening, obviously, so San Diego will stay alive for another week. 10 minutes left.
  • Defensive showdown in Baltimore (like anyone expected anything else), with the Ravens having kicked more field goals than the Steelers. 9-3 with 11 minutes to go.

Live blog’s coming up in a little more than an hour, and let’s keep track of anything too goofy on Football Night in America.

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