I’m sure most of you read or heard last Friday but Bill Plaschke wrote the Paul Pierce faked his Game One injury and even went so far as to label it “WWE-like” in its execution. Obviously Boston fans were upset, and let him have a piece of their mind. Plaschke wrote a detailed piece yesterday about some of the comments and it’s pretty hilarious. Here’s a section….

“You disgust me. You are a whore.” Virtually all the vile missives were from angry Celtics fans, who weren’t content to enjoy their team’s opening victory in the NBA Finals against the Lakers.

“Die, you lily-livered ass.” Are we in Boston or Deadwood?

“I wonder how many dried-up spit stains you’ve got on that cheap tie of yours, you stuttering, stammering slob.”

“You better have extra security with you Sunday because Celtic fans who recognize you from ESPN will want to take a slap at you, and if I were there, I know I would.”

Of all the humanity-questioning notes, the most disturbing was apparent from a subject line that contained three words that could not be printed in this newspaper.

Then the writer really got mad.

“I hope you . . . get cancer and die,” he wrote. “Why don’t you just die or quit, you ugly fat (bleep). I’m going to find out where (a relative) is buried and me and my buddies are gonna dig (the) skeleton up.”

I guess these are the responses you get when you call one of the best players on a team that hasn’t been relevant in quite some time a faker. The rest of the article details his responses and interaction with some of the folks and is actually a good read (if you can stand one sentence paragraphs). I just thought the collection of responses was just too funny not to post here. People are so brave when writing emails. It’s like the new liquid courage and it’s very entertaining, well that and a little scary at times.

Nasty attacks should be banned in Boston (LA Times)

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