With the new Sports Center Live format kicking off Monday, I decided to actually do some “real journalism” and actually speak with some of the parties involved. After much brainstorming we (yes ESPN and actually came up with this together) decided on having a live-chat with Josh Elliott following his first shift working as an anchor on the live show. So you’ll not only get the live-blog during the day, you’ll also get the chance to talk to someone who’s just come off the set (well not just…but you know what I mean).

While the fact that this is actually happening is still a little bit surreal, it’s going to be a fun time. Josh will be here at 1:15pm on Monday, August 11th and he promises that (most) everything is fair game. We’ll try and touch on everything surrounding the launch of the live Sports Centers, but feel free to ask him why “Classic Now” got canceled or even what his favorite cartoon was growing up. I’ll try and mix it up as much as possible. This is obviously going to be a huge success or one giant trainwreck, but either way it will be fun!

So your homework assignment over the weekend to think of the one thing you always wanted to know about a Sports Center anchor and be prepared to ask it on Monday. I’ll be around all weekend posting on Olympic happenings and such, so if you think of something beforehand be sure to email it to me at AwfulAnnouncing@Gmail.com.

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