Of course they chose the one guy that I did not want to be Marv’s analyst. They had to choose the one that grates my nerves more than any other NBA Analyst. Yes, even more than Doug Collins. Reggie Miller is now working as an analyst for TNT full-time now and we’ll be paired with Marv Albert for the duration of the 2007-2008 Season.

It is an interesting pairing on more than one angle, but mainly because Marv called some of Reggie’s biggest games including the 25 point 4th quarter against the Knicks during the 1994 playoffs. I was praying that they’d force Chuck Barkley into the booth, but Reggie does have some experience and he’s still learning the trade. Working with Albert could only help him.

I’ll delve more into this during my NBA Announcing Previews coming up any day now, but we’ll see how this works out. Reggie isn’t exactly Mark Jackson, but he’s definitely not Steve Kerr. Damn you Kerr! Why did you have to leave??? Why?!

(Source: TNT Release)

Update: I forgot to mention that Mike Fratello is with them as well and it appears the 2nd team will remain Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins.

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