Yes, that is Tom’s baby mama Bridget Moynahan, ostensibly pre-pregnancy and birth.

The Patriots start with a hand-off to Evans for a few yards up the middle and then send him rushing again for a first down after that. There’s one pass to Stallworth, but it’s back to Evans again, and John mentions Maroney may have injury issues. Brady is now targeting Stallworth, and he brings it in on the Buffalo 25 yard line. Kyle Eckel barrels through for a few more yards.

“There are many things to like about Tom Brady, but the big one is just how easy he makes it look.” – JM, #8.
“The great ones always make it look easy.” – AM

We get a Joe Montana comparison and a “Tom Brady is playing this position better than anyone has ever played it” from John for #9. Brady then chucks it to Gaffney for more yardage. Eckel then rushes on 1st for three more.

Halftime thoughts; Kevin Everett has had a hard life. He had a critical drop in a #3 Miami @ #5 VT game in college, he suffers a devastating injury, then NBC puts him in a room with Tiki Barber when he’s not able to run away. Poor guy. – anon

“He looks like he has one of those Excedrin headaches.” – JM, on a Buffalo defensive player. Brady throws incomplete to Moss, and Coach Hobo will have to decide whether to kcik or not, and they’re going for it, which explains the boos. Brady tosses a floater to Ben Watson for another touchdown. 42-7, Pats after the kick.

I started this game with 10 beers down here hoping to finish them before the half. I am too depressed to even drink though. – Sebastian

Yikes. McGee brings the kickoff back past the 30 and we get Cake’s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” for the bump.

Buffalo’s actually making a drive, as Losman converts a 3rd down with his feet. This has turned away from Tom Brady-blowing to generic-Patriot pimping and dynasty talk now. Losman throws a deep one that almost gets picked. He throws another incomplete on 3rd down, and the fans are booing not going for it on fourth down rather than kicking the field goal. Rian Lindell’s kick is another goofy one, Phil Dawson style, as it hit the camera on its way to being good. 42-10, Patriots, after the FG.

I’m convinced Madden classifies the Patriots and Brett Favre videos as “porn”. – Mookie

NIGHTMARE FUEL. Thanks. And since they just played “Super Freak” after the kick-off, I’m obliged to post the Chappelle skit:

That shit still holds up.

Yep, the Patriots are still passing out of the gun, everyone

That field goal should have been no good. It’s not whether or not the ball breaks the plane, but where it ends up. At least that’s what a FanHouse commenter said earlier, and they’re never wrong. – OMDQ

Heh. If they talk any more about running up the score, they’re gonna put me to sleep, I swear. Brady rushes for a few extra yards with three minutes to go. 3rd and 3 at the 13 of the Bills, and another question of whether Coach Hobo goes for it — like it really is a question, and the Buffalo crowd is booing again. Moss catches the short slant for a 1st and goal. Eckel runs it to about the 2, and the third quarter’s done.

AM “At some point they are just going to have to stop them. They are letting unknown RBs break off 14 yard gains”…He must have missed the 4 plays they threw out of the gun right before that. – Sebastian
“Whats pouring it on more, kicking a FG up 42-10 or going for it 42-10?” -AM – Anon
Kyle Eckel is breaking off 10+ yard runs – when does the O-line get verbally fellated? – OMDQ

Madden did it earlier, but it’s probably a good time to give the O-line some slobbering again. Especially because Kyle Eckel just got in the end zone with Junior Seau playing fullback. 49-10, Patriots, as the kick is good.

The last two pieces of bump music have been disappointing. Britney Spears and then that “Life is a Highway” song by whomever the fuck that was.

The Pats put a vicious hit on the Bills’ wide reeiver and Ellis Hobbs catches it in mid-air, then rolls it all the way back for six more. 56-10 after the PAT. Oof.

Wait, did they just say they flexed in Pats-Eagles? Seriously? Can we just kill this flex thing? – Anon

I know they flexed in one more Pats game after next week, too. Eventually I’m really going to be sick of these guys unless they happen to be on my fantasy team.

Seriously, I’m not really sure what to write about any more and there’s 13 minutes left here. Brady’s probably out of the game, and I’m just going to track Al and John for anything too stupid at this point. Oh, if someone scores again, I’ll make a note of it, but the Patriots’ efficiency just sucks the caring out of a game.

We have a Matt Cassel sighting, and Heath Evans is still rushing for eight yards on the Buffalo D, which looks thoroughly demoralized.

“Did Bill Belichick just yawn?” – JM
“I think he may be doing a commercial.” – AM

Yeah, good news for the Belichick Coaching Tree — the only one doing well is Romeo Crennel, Al. Beating Duke does not constitute good for Weis; neither does upsetting the Steelers improve the Jets’ shitty season.

“Ever notice how the back-up QB starts to take on mannerisms of the starter?” – JM
“It’s like he’s morphing into him.” – AM

“Tom Brady, right now, this year, is playing better than Joe Montana ever did.” – JM. That’s an even #10. Here we go with the Montana : Rice :: Brady : Moss analogy again. My God. The Pats have a 4th down on the Bills’ 30 something and he sent out the punter.

There’s a rule saying that a team can only appear on Sunday Night Football and MNF a maximum of 4 times, and no more then 3 times on a given network.

NE appeared on Sunday Night in week 2 and this week, and will be on there again next week. They had a MNF appearance in week 4, again in week 13, and a Saturday night game in week 17, for a total of 6 appearances.

If you were an NFL owner, wouldn’t you be having a fit about this (especially if your game got bumped last week or this week)? – Anon

This is a good question, actually, and one I’d like to see answered somewhere down the line.

The Bills are basically running out the clock, more or less, and I think we can end it here. The final score will be 56-10, Patriots. Thanks for joining me, folks, and it’s likely I’ll see you in the same spot next week.

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