(posted by OMDQ)

Today is going to be an extremely light posting day. My son is being baptized, which is pretty much the biggest event thus far in his life (aside from actually being born, of course) and one that my wife sort of expects me to attend. Between the actual ceremony and the “after-party” at my in-laws house, there won’t be many any opportunities for computer time until at least the evening (if then).

Being the thoughtful weekend presence that I am, however, I wanted to leave you with some stuff to talk about in my absence (assuming AA doesn’t pop in and fill the void). The football fans among you can busy yourselves commenting on the previous post – do you feel the oddsmakers are disrespecting your team, or are things just about right?

For the baseball fans, I have a question: which streak is more impressive, Brandon Webb’s 42 consecutive scoreless innings or Bobby Jenks’ 41 consecutive batters retired? I tend to side with Jenks because his margin for error is zero, but Webb’s is impressive in its own right.

So, talk amongst yourselves…which is better?

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