Or at least the PR process. Adam took out a full page ad in the Tennessean Newspaper today in which he apologizes to his friends, family, coaches, and fans (see copy below). This goes hand in hand with Pacman’s appeal with the league, and couldn’t be more obviously timed in my mind.

Like I’ve always said….everyone deserves a second chance but this move is a little TOO obvious. Especially coming after weeks and weeks of interviews where P-man said he thought he shouldn’t be suspended because he “hadn’t been convicted of nothing”. I’m a little leery of this move as it’s just a letter on a blank page of paper, but I guess anything will help at this point.

It’s gotta be tough just to drop your friends no matter how harmful they are to your health. I mean what is he going to do if he isn’t playing football? He’s not on house arrest or anything. You get bored….you go “make it rain”…..that’s just how it is.

Pacman’s Ad Promises He’ll Win Back Trust (The Tennessean)
PDF: Pacman Ad (The Tennessean)